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Tassie Tales

Opening one of the last remaining copies of the first Tasmanian fairytale book at the Tasmanian State Library was a memorable moment.  Although accessing was made difficult by the expectation that I should print a copy of the book details on paper before entering - not noted on their website and after devesting myself of bags etc downstairs to enter- a tad difficult without money or a photocopy card. Beatrice Wilcken's book  written on a visit to Tasmania when staying with friends is a delight. Reprinted twice (1890/1891) before she returned to NSW and later to Germany it seems to be her only foray into print.  A reviewer said,
A little, and nicely bound and ornamented book, has just been published, entitled Fairytales, Fables and Legends, by Mrs. Beatrice Wilcken. These tales, we understand, have met with so much approbation privately that the author has been persuaded to publish them, and we think they will meet with a very favourable reception from the public also. The various t…