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Letter to the Editor (but not in German)

I was fortunate to be in Kassel researching the influence of the Brothers Grimm on the writing of one of Australia's first fairytale writers, Olga Ernst. When I attended the Opening Ceremony of the temporary Bruder-Grimm-Museum, I  was impressed with the quality of the exhibits. The visual imagery of the clothes line, hung with strips of text from the most loved fairytales in the world, drew me into the world of Grimm -  the installation seemed to have been plucked from a peasant's backyard. Being able to see the editorial changes in some of the text will be particularly interesting to those visitors who have only read the later edition of their works. With my very limited German I appreciated that the text is also being provided in English.
My friends Thomas and Gerlinde sent me the text of the article 'Im schlauraffenland' 22 jan 2011 and I was pleased to discover that there is an English version as I am only able to read a little of the German edition I was able to r…