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Hanging out in the fog

This is my favourite holiday snap. I am drawn to the incongruity of the seemingly NQR (not quite right) character (it's a German historical precinct not the North Pole) with a coffee. At the Brandenburg Gate, performers, dressed as WW2 soliders, stand in prime positions and expect payment from tourists who feel the need for a photo opportunity. 
This has been feedback week:  
1. Monday feedback on Thesis
2. Tuesday feedback on Staff Attitudes to School Survey
3. Wednesday feedback at gym.
I feel empathy with the reindeer - will he learn the hard way that he's got it wrong?  But, like the coffe-break reindeer, I also see the sense in reflecting over coffee and ... coffee at Seven Seeds, Carlton is very good. 
Feedback question: So, how do you think I’m progressing?
In response to feedback here are my SMART goals:
1. writing to a timeline/structure before next meeting with support from Pam and Marnee
2. three workshops planned with support of RNL to address serious and ongoing issues
3. w…