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Principal or Princess

After a term as Acting Principal with the non-stop plethora of challenges that are part of the job: dead rats to bury; technology hiccups - dead photocopiers, dropped laptops; the worry of purchasing furniture/ shelving for our new library-technology space when my degrees are in education NOT design; trucks that smash the water meter 2 hours before 400 children descend on the school and want to use the toilet; dealing with student learning issues to maximise outcomes and coaching staff;  the opportunity to escape to our favourite J & J house in the Great Lakes area of Tassie and do some writing is my idea of bliss.

First I am attending The Australian Historical Society's Conference: History At The Edge Conference  ash cloud and the demise of Tiger airlines permitting with a paper exploring the similarities between the fairy tales of Olga Ernst and those of another German woman writer Beatrice Wilcken whose stories were published and republished in Tasmania.

Some may wonder wh…