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Cold Conference but some hot tips

The Australian History Association Conference in the amazing UTAS (University of Tasmania) Academy of Arts building: machinery and space but very cold. Definitely a 'coat' Conference, though the food was definitely warming (soup, hot muffins) - a bit lonely as I am used to people chatting in queues or after leaving presentations. Networking happens in the breaks but I felt a little wallflowerish (Yes, unusual for me!) and probably missed the opportunity to kick start some new thinking patterns.
Great artworks on the wall by students and my favorite was 'Berliner Dom' (I was warmer there last winter) and the Teapot style adult 'Polly Pockets'.
A couple of good contacts:
Research about the movement between Hobart and Dunedin which clarifies why Beatrice Wilcken was there for a couple of years. (exciting!)Research that precipitated thinking about the purpose, motive, impact of writing in marginsResearch about the use of court records and building individual lives. O…