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Mark Treadwell encouraged conference participants to use digital technologies during his two days of presentations. An interesting experience for me with my brand new iPad2: permission to play while listening to a presentation..
On the positive side, the ability to instantly access his lecture notes, zoom into diagrams and find the answers to questions posed was useful.  Mark would say that googling for the answers is 'collaborating not cheating'. My table group 'found' the answers Mark wanted and offered them to the discussion without any need to reflect deeply. It felt like cheating!
I am NOT a digital native and found it exhausting. Normally those ideas that 'pop' in a random manner during PDs I jot down to later act on. This time I actioned them as I thought of them!
During Mark's presentation:
I sent the url to my latest photo book to a colleague who'd introduced me to while Mark was explaining neurons. I recieved a physical thumbs up from…