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Twice Told Tales: A different fairytale interpretation

Fairytales are a wellspring which one often passes by without noticing but which, when one has once discovered it, gushes uninterruptedly and offers its, clear, good-tasting water to everyone who is thirsty and wants to drink of it.            Hans Dieckmann,1985
Fairytales are fascinating. Bettelheim (1985:v) writes a foreword in Diekmann's book:Twice Told Tales impressing on the reader that when children's fantasies are based on fairytales, complete with their dangerous consequences (such as being eaten alive, roasted in an oven, abandoned by parents... need I continue?), they serve an important purpose in helping deal with childhood anxieties.
Hans Dieckmann, a psychologist, explores his use of fairytales in patient - therapy, as a source of structure in the process of emotional development. Obviously, to work with an individual, unravel their history and interpret fairytale motifs that reoccur is a time-consuming process taking hundreds of hours of therapy.
However, after…