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Tell some-one who cares! or Is this really relevant?

Wrote a brilliant methodology chapter, left it to ferment in the laptop for a week while I was: juggling blocked toilets (it's a recurring theme isn't it?); mum in hospital; forgetting to tell my longtime friend and research assistant Susan the alarm code for the house (Oops - that woke up the street!), and then re-read it. That voice in my head was grumpy! and said if this is your contribution to scholarly debate you need to: - avoid repetitive material (I know 'tell-a-story, tell-it again and then tell-it-again is the mantra for persuasive writing but ...) - tame runaway notes (I know enough about Stephen Greenblatt to tell the examiners what he eats for breakfast but do they care?) - quote judiciously (I love a good quote - see previous post) - limit  jargon (is 'morphing' jargon?) I felt better when I read Tanya Golash-Boza's blog and she labelled the first draft 'spew writing.'