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Another PhD distraction

With 30% of first draft writing completed time for another small distraction in the form of Grandson Number 2: William Ross who is I day old, cousin to Xavier who is now 3 months and 1 day old.

Fairy tales told in the bush

Looking at inscriptions I became fascinated with trying to find out more about Sister Agnes and whether she may have known Ernst.  Spending a day trying to track down information about her I found 4 small articles, three in the recently digitised Healesville and Yarra Glen Guardian. Fairy Tales told in the Bush was published in1911.What is interesting is that she writes under her ordained name of Sister Agnes. Sister Agnes was the Superintendent of the Diocesan Mission to the Streets and Lanes of Melbourne, and also Superintendent of St. Mark's Mothers' Union, Fitzroy.  "Fairy Tales told in the Bush," was pronounced as the 'ideal gift book for children' and was 'well illustrated' . Interestingly, it was published in London, and the proceeds of the sale went to Sister Agnes' city mission work. In a very 'Melbourne' touch her book is a Friday Night Special at Myers - discounted from 2 shillings to 1 and 6 pence (Display Advertising. 1918, Se…