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'Think and wonder, wonder and think.' Dr. Seuss

My grandchildren have been born into a highly technical world, growing up as the first of the ‘Touch’ Generation. As toddlers they will never know a world without digital cameras, computers, DVDs, iPads and Smartphones or Skype. Discussion often centres on the impact of new technologies on teenagers but toddlers also have access to a wide range of multiple media. I note, with wonder and concern, that the pre-schooler in the café using mum’s Smartphone is becoming a distinctly savvy consumer.  Long-term research on the effects of the use of digital devices and how they may shape the developing brains of small children is inconclusive. Despite any concerns parents might have, technology is not only here to stay but is progressing at an alarming rate.  My favourite Australian companies creating aps for children include: Giggle Kids for littlies and Blue Quoll for my older nieces and nephews who love the language feature that reads the tales in another language. And ... my favorite Christ…