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GymbaROO article

GymbaROO.  Founded in 1983 in Melbourne by Margaret Sasse (1929-2009) to “help the children of the world maximize their learning potential”, Margaret drew no salary of directors fees for the entirety of that time, and in fact sold the family farm to keep it her mission afloat.
Over 30,000 children and their parents attend a Gymbaroo/KindyROO session somewhere in Australia every week. These numbers continue to increase every year due to word of mouth.

I’m back in my study although I have three shelves piled with paper and an overfull filing cabinet to sort before I can start my PhD again. I have just written and thrown aside papers finished with this term in my quest to complete.
As next year (2013) is GymbaROO’s 30 year anniversary, and the February edition of First Steps magazine focuses on achievements and glories.  As an ex GymbaROO teacher,  parent and now GymbaROO Granny,  I offered to write an article about past GymbaROO students “Where are they now?” I thought it was a great idea …

New Year Resolution and 40000 words left

What a joy! The 'almost' twins dressed like their Pop - more interested in the Christmas paper than the toys inside. Next year they will be running around. Moving back into my study after it has been painted and sorting the folders for the next week, culling school work and filing new finds. Just last week I found another literary competition (Under 21 Essay) Ernst had won while at Teachers Training College. No wonder I need more bookshelves. I have one day a week study leave this year (using my Long Service Leave) from March so my New Year's Resolution is to finish the first draft by Christmas 2013.