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Thesis Bootcamp - drop and give me... 20000 words

I applied for this UniMelb program to overcome my thesis fatigue having written a chapter every two months for the last year while working full time. Advertised as a 'no-excuses, no-time-for-procrastination, take-no-prisoners intensive writing weekend', achieving my Holy Grail of 5000 words in a weekend appealed. I was keen to show those staff members who completed the Tough Mudder challenge last week and bounced into work wearing their TM t-shirts that I could undertake something equally gruelling but cleaner! I was after the coveted mug to fill with plunger coffee and place strategically next to those-who-should-be-impressed in the staffroom.

It was a gift! To be able to simply write..write...write and wander into the lunch room for any kind of snack whenever: breakie bars, cereal, yoghurt, vego delights, scones. No internet access  - challenging. No phone, no emails about work next week to answer, no interruptions... just time to writing- refreshing. An unspoken and gentle s…