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Australian fairy tales in a Texas University!

There are 7 copies in libraries around the world and surprisingly one in Austin, at the The University of Texas Library. I was hoping that it had an intriguing history: perhaps a copy held by Ernst's sister Elsa who worked in women's prisons in USA or donated by her brother Hans, an engineer and inventor working in Cincinatti but the story is more practical. According to Margaret Tufts Tenney, Head of the Reading Room, Harry Ransom Center it is likely that it came from the purchase of stock from an old bookstore.  This way of obtaining materials was practiced in conjunction with a book dealer the Center worked with throughout its formative years.  There are booksellers pencil marks on the first flyleaf and a bookseller sticker on the verso of the front board.  This indicates it came James Dally in South Australia, one of the five states where the book was sold between 1904 and 1907. Fairytales from the Land of the Wattle was also sold in NSW, Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland. No…