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Presenting my paper in 'Old Geology'

The Old Geology Theatre at University of Melbourne was an apt place for my presentation on Olga Ernst: Creating an Australian bush identity in children's literature.  Of course graduating with a B.Arts and M.Arts from this university Ernst would have been familiar with the original buildings and pathways. Perhaps she could have stood or walked or held a deep conversation somewhere close by.   Always useful to be challenged to look in new directions,  discussion initiated during question time and poster presentations included German culture, second language writing, use of technology for research and visual text.  How well has digitisation of Ernst's books, use of digitised resources such as TROVE and NLA's newspaper archive contributed to your research?How do the pictures contribute to a sense of Australian place meshed with old-world folk figures in the illustrations. (i.e. The cartwheel in the Father Time illustration)?What sources are there to support the German contribut…

My AO Poster AARE 2010

For the past two days I have stood in front of my poster at the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE 2010) Conference in Melbourne.  Comments and high interest about her University Melbourne education and the essence of 'Germaness' in her stories. Cornelia Funke, German children's writer said, 'I always thought it hadn't influenced me very much, but I heard from many people from England that many motives from German fairytales are to be found in my books'.