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Is the First Draft really a first draft?

Today I feel like Margaret Mitchell with her draft of 'Gone With The Wind', a suitcase full of unfinished chapters, multiple drafts of chapters and about six months of revision ahead of me to complete a first 'complete' 'First Draft'. Looking through the folders of drafts and re-drafts and mergers I feel quite amazed that I have written so much and quite daunted at the task of making sure this tome is grammatically error free with no errant full stops or semi-colons and follows a line of logical arguments paragraph by paragraph through eighty thousand words. There is no holiday from a PhD. It is always there lurking: looking for connections, seeking the undiscovered and reminding of the need to write, write, write. 
A new connection today delighted me. Ernst mentioned again.The Librarian opened The Age and there was a two page article on Sister Agnes and her fairy tales (October 24, p. 18-19). Interestingly, the full article Told in the Bush: Sister Agnes and he…