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Thesis Bootcamp Fan!

On the weekend I began to re-work on 5000 words I wrote for one section of a chapter - a particularly difficult one that I began drafting very early in the process which has evolved over the journey to something unrecognisably different. Today I found a quiet desk in the Giblin Euson Library, and began to reshape the words into the chapter I wanted to write adding references, checking quotes, slashing chunks and re-wording 'bits'. Normally working full time from splurging to agonising  takes about a month - approximately two hours per day but with the splurging done at Bootcamp in Feb it has been a much much quicker process. 
Splurgers Vs Agonisers
Working with Hazel Edwards while mentoring gifted writers she mentioned these terms in relation to how authors write. I think they describe beautifully the writing process. Hazel has heaps more tips on her website. This is the a mini quiz we designed for a Girlfriends! Program forum on writing. (Girls Year 5-9)

Are you a Splurger or an…