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Bruder Grimm Centre -visually appealing

A temporary, but visually appealing, home for the Brothers Grimm.

I was fortunate to be in Kassel researching the influence of the Brothers Grimm on the writing of one of Australia's first fairytale writers, Olga Ernst, arriving the day before the Opening of the interm Bruder Grimm Centre (the original is being renovated and will be completed in 2014) . Although my German is very limited, the passion of the speakers for 'their fairytales' was obvious and the audience was as devoted. Two large rooms are lined with exhibits that carefully and sequentially will take the visitor through the lives and work of the Grimms.   I  was impressed with the quality of the exhibits. The visual imagery of the clothes line, hung with strips of text from the most loved fairytales in the world, drew me into the world of Grimm -  the installation seemed to have been plucked from a peasant's backyard. 
Being able to see the editorial changes in some of the text will be particularly interesting…