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Martin Ernst - a Pharmacist's Apprentice

It seems that although my focus is the work of Olga Ernst, divergent pathways appear that fascinate and compel me to investigate a little! Martin Ernst, Olga's uncle, also emigrated and for some time lived in Melbourne becoming apprenticed to his brother Theodor (Olga's father) as a chemist.  Although Renee at the Lutheran Archives alerted me to the fact that Theodor had a brother, I received confirmation from a descendant in South Australia. 
Julius Theodor Ernst (known as Theodor) was one of a number of chemists, trained at the University of Liepzig, who entered the colony of Victoria in the decades after 1850. A member of the Prussian Reserve as a pharmacist he was proud of his profession. 
The Pharmaceutical Society of Victoria was established in 1857 while twenty years later, in 1876, the Pharmacy and Poisons Act set professional standards. A Pharmacy Board was established in 1877, one of its tasks to establish a register of pharmacists. Concern with the issue of different …