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Hans Ernst : The 'Kangaroo' plumber

This post is not about fairy tales but about one of the 'off ramps' of research that make it such a fabulous journey. I was fascinated by the achievements of Olga Ernst's younger brother and discovering a University prize in Melbourne named in his honour. This blog post thanks his grandchildren Gail, Belinda, Jon and Alice and his niece Helen Dixon for assisting my research.

Who was Hans Ernst?
There were no babysitters in the small mountain town of Wandiligong where his mother Olga Ernst (nee Johanna Olga Straubel), a young widow of 34, was given a position as an Assistant Teacher in 1897. Consequently Hans began school earlier than most children grasping the opportunity to learn in his mother's schools.

Keen to fly planes, Hans Ernst left in his 20s Australia working his passage over to the US on board a ship. Though his career in California began as a bicycle repairman his ability to see what needed to be improved was soon obvious. H…

Adapting The Elves and the Shoemaker into a 21st Century fairy tale (In German)

To celebrate another year of 'slowly' learning German here is my Christmas Post, as usual, in German. My research focuses on how the fairy tales Ernst wrote were shaped by the Australian landscape and her environment. I decided to adapt the plot and structure of a well-known Grimm fairytale '805_Wichtelmaenner' into a fairy tale that resonated with my life. So, if I had two little elves who would do my work while I slept I would hope they would finish the School Timetable with 20 classes, 4 specialist programs and numerous other events that change weekly. Frohe Weihnachten to all the readers of this blog.
Die Elfen und die stellvertretende Schulleiterin Es war einmal eine stellvertretende Schulleiterin von einer mittelgroßen Schule, die hart arbeitete und eine gute Lehrerin war: aber sie war nicht so gut in die Zeitpläne machen, so dass alle Schüler lernen, was sie wissen müssen. Am Abend bevor das Term begann, mussten die Zeitpläne fertig sein. Sie machte eine Tabelle si…