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Special Fairy Tale issue of TEXT, an open-access online journal

Congratulations to editors Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario, Nike Sulway and Belinda Calderone. I appreciate their editorial expertise.
Into the Bush: Australasian Fairy Tales is an intriguing and enchanting read for those researchers and lovers of fairy tales.
Introduction: The state of play in Australian fairy tale: Where to now? Daniel Baker:
Facets of Eleanor Sherryl Clark:
The handkerchief of tears Michelle De Stefani:
Taming the Hobyahs: Adapting and re-visioning a British Tale in Australian literature and film Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario and Lorena Carrington:
Crafting Baba Yaga from the Australian landscape: An interview with Lorena Carrington Robyn Floyd:
Fairies in the bush: The emergence of a national identity in Australian fairy tales Kate Forsyth:
Retelling Rapunzel Louisa John-Krol:
Envoys to the empress Louisa John-Krol:
Fated intervention: Gracing, musing and the wishing well Sophie Masson:
A feather of Fenist the Falcon Kirstyn McDermott:
There is always a next witch: Creative intuition and collaborati…