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Whirling away the layers

One of the best parts of a PhD is the side tracks along the journey. I would probably finish faster but not enjoy the stroll,
or learn, as much.
H.C.E. Morant is one such divergence. Whirlaway was shown to me on Saturday, when I met with interested relatives, passed on after originally being given to Helen by her mother Olga Ernst.  An Australian girl (aptly named Helen) and her koala bear companion travel back in time to learn about Paleontology. Teaching + fantasy + timetravel. Enough to delight any child!
Sadly, most of its print run was destroyed during the "blitz"in the London warehouse where it was stored. This prevented it becoming the success story it was expected to be. Hutchinson declined to reprint it and the intended sequel an exploration of the planets for children which had been written already by Morant was never published. With her keen interest in astronomy the next book would have appealed to Ernst. How easily a writer can be discouraged as it seems that there…